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5 kitchen gadgets that will help you bake the tastiest treats

1. A smart scale for precise measurements

Drop Scale

One of the first things you’ll learn when you step into the world of amateur baking is that the U.S. measurement system is pretty inaccurate. We measure ingredients by volume, when it’s much more precise to measure them by weight. The more precise your measurements, the better the outcome will be. As such, a high-quality scale is essential in any baker’s kitchen.
The Drop Scale is perfect for this, as it will walk you through recipes, helping you measure each addition by weight. Plus, its app will provide ingredient substitutions, a super helpful feature if, say, you’re low on eggs.

2. An egg tray that monitors your inventory

Quirky Egg Minder App-Enabled Smart Egg Tray
It sounds a little crazy, but hear me out. When you bake a lot, you go through ingredients like eggs, flour, and butter so quickly. More than once I’ve been at the grocery store and thought I had plenty of eggs at home, only to get back and realize I have two left.
Enter the Quirky Smart Egg Tray, which lets you pop into your phone and check how many eggs are in your fridge even when you're not home. It’s amazing if you’re bad at making grocery lists—I only wish they had similar products for butter and milk!

3. A Bluetooth thermometer to measure oven temperatures
Lavatools Bluetooth Thermometer
Many delicate pastries require just-right oven temperatures, and you’ll want a thermometer to double-check that your oven is heating up properly. You can mount the Lavatools Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer on your oven, and it will send real-time temps straight to your phone.

4. A robot that creates pancake art

PancakeBot 2.0 Pancake Printer
You’ve probably seen videos of amazing pancake art on Facebook, and now you can make gallery-worthy pancakes at home, even if you’re not an artist. With the PancakeBot, you design pancake pictures on your computer, then transfer them to the robot, which brings your edible creations to life

5. A smart kettle to get your water temperature just right

AIMOX Smart Electric Kettle
When you’re making bread, the water temperature has to be just right to activate the yeast—too hot and it will fry; too cold and it won’t wake up. With the AIMOX Smart Electric Kettle, you can simply pick the temperature you need, turn the kettle on, and walk away. It will send an alert to your smartphone when the water is ready, and then you can get to baking!

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